Star Wars - The Old Republic

Session 2

What do we do with the Gem?

A section for us to write up what happened in Session 2, from our character's point of view, remember: each of us who does so gets a Force Point, if we all do it, we all get a Destiny point! wink


[Going to cover a bit of what happened in the first session and fast-forward to the parts my character experienced]

You want to know about the heist to steal the Pink Panther, right? Well, that’s a complicated story, to say the least, with an eclectic band brought together to pull it off.

I heard the word that a valuable gem was going to be on Bespin, and that, just maybe, it’s an important Jedi artefact. Of course, that’s an easy claim for someone to make, but what mattered was that someone wanted it, and they wanted my help.

We had a meeting point set up, and our contact, a sweet Pantoran girl, was there, but she had some nasty bruisers keeping an eye on her. You know most of this part already, it certainly made the holo-net back in the day, but, let’s just say, things got a little heated.

There was a skirmish, and, in the chaos, myself, the Pantoran, and (strangely enough) a Cathar lady were able to sneak our way through to our true rendezvous point: a rather luxurious apartment in the upper tiers of Bespin.

Upon our arrival, we met with our. . . sponsor for the heist: Russell Wildshen: a rather cool customer, who wanted the gem for very personal reasons, but we’ll get to that.

Our little group of bandits was made up a Jedi and a “not-Jedi,” the afore-mentioned Cathar, apparently of noble lineage, an easy-going pilot (and all-round scoundrel type,) as well as a rather fearsome veteran.

The plan, as proposed by Russell was fairly simple: convince people to bid high on the gem, slice the transfer (so we get the cash,) and then steal the gem ourselves, a nice double-whammy.

In order to get access to the Gem, it was decided we would enter the pod-racing tournament, and get ourselves invited to a nice gala, where the auction of the gem would take place, putting us in a prime position to both manipulate the auction, and nab the gem, when the time came.

We had a pilot, a mechanic, and our Cathar offered herself to be the “public” sponsor of the endeavour, something to give our team a nice sob-story to pull in some bets, and maybe get us an invite (even if we didn’t win.) We figured that we had better get a good bookie, as we could make a nice side-profit from the race if things went well, and a few extra credits never hurt anyone. . . .

Sadly, due to the little. . . “ruckus” in the market, our Pantoran contact would be more difficult to meet with, extra security and all that, so, that just meant we had to be a little more inventive.

We spent a little time getting to know each other a bit more: it had been a while since I’d shared a room with a force-user, let alone two, and I quickly realised that I would need to brush up on my philosophy and teaching skills: the poor babes hadn’t even fought in the war, and I know one of them would have certainly excelled there. Such a wasted opportunity. . . .

Our spunky pilot seemed like a charming lad: definitely easy-going, and someone who could get the job done, but that was only a first impression.

Now, our soldier friend, he was an interesting fellow: he had already seen enough war to become an amateur philosopher, and I could tell right away that I would have some fun debating the finer points of which ideology best justifies mass war, but that was distracting us from the matter at hand.

Our contact, Joaris seemed like a tragic case: effectively sold off to a gang-lord, whom we had now made our enemy, by her father, she was in this gambit to get the chance to escape from Bespin and her unfortunate life. She was taking initiative, I liked that. Although she did reveal that her father might double-cross us, and we all agreed we should be prepared for that opportunity, even our stern Jedi said he was assuming a double-cross, and that his word would not hold in such a case. I’m pretty sure that some of my Masters would have considered that bending the spirit of one’s word, but, it’s not like they’re around to chastise us for making self-preservation a priority in these dark times.

Finally, we had our Cathar lady: one of the few survivors of that truly despicable massacre, I still remember when that news reached the Council, and Revan’s crusade was “legitimised.” If the Republic bothered to look outside its own borders a little more that might have been averted, but the Republic can barely keep itself together, especially without the Jedi Order holding its hand. . .

Anyway, I digress, as I am wont. We decided that we should get lodgings a little lower down in Bespin, somewhere away from the eyes of the law, but away from the gangers too, it seems that myself and the Jedi were volunteered for that job, while our Pilot, Soldier/Mechanic, and the Cathar would go and check out the Pod as soon as possible.

Next, we would have to get a look at the list of possible bidders, and see how to entice them to give us their credits, but that is a story for next time.

Session 2

While on my ambassadorial mission through some systems holding key commercial routes, it was suggested that I travelled to Bespin, as I would surely find good opportunities that would benefit my people. Even though it had not been initially on my route, I headed in that direction. As soon as I arrived, I got contacted about a very lucrative opportunity, and I decided to look into it, although with a bit of a heavy heart. Whatever it was, it was probably illegal; however, the reconstruction of Cathar and the survival of the exiled clans is our priority, so some sacrifices will have to be done, up to a certain extent…
On arriving to the place where I was supposed to meet the contact, I got the impression that I might not have been the only one chosen for this. The contact was a heavily guarded Pantoran girl; as I was moving towards her, I ran into a very tall blue-skinned lady, who looked like a fine fighter. Strangely enough, while she looked similar to a Pantoran, she doesn’t smell like one. I do not remember learning about a different race with this characteristics; it is clear that I will study more when I return.
After some chaos in the market, through which the “maybe a Pantoran” and I helped moving the Pantoran girl through the market, we finally reached our meeting point safely. There I saw that a very…eclectic group had been assembled: a pilot (very diplomatic, I should say), the blue lady, a soldier, and two people who are probably Jedi, but I cannot be sure. They don’t look like anyone I had met in Dantooine.
Our…boss was one Russell Wildshen, a very polite man, clearly knowledgeable in the fine arts of etiquette, but a bit shady-looking (though after dealing with so many traders, I think shadiness might be part of the look). His offer was definitely illegal: he wants us to steal a very valuable gem. The plan was complex and it will definitely need very good team work to be executed. We are to win a pod race, or at least do a good enough job, in order to get invited to the party where this jewel will be shown. We are supposed to hand the gem to Russell, and we will get a very nice sum in credits. Worried about my family, I asked if they would be able to access the money in case I die; the affirmative answer calmed my nerves.
This Russell seems to know a lot about us: turns out that the blue lady (whose name is Ivez), is a Jedi, and she even trained for some years in Dantooine, and the two guys who looked like Jedi are siblings, and not trained at all like Jedi…and here I was convinced all of them went to the Academy to train…It took some convincing of some party members (not for me, as the future of Cathar is more important than my morals at the moment), but we finally agreed to do it. After Russell leave, the Pantoran girl, whose name is Joaris, told us her story: she was adopted by Russell, and pretty much sold to her husband, who is an extremely abusive man; she wants the mission to succeed and her share of the money to run away from him. My blood boiled at hearing this, but I had to keep a calm face. Every aspect of her marriage was absolutely dishonourable…how are you supposed to mate for life if you don’t have a choice? Seeing as how this situation goes against everything I hold dear, I agreed to help her getting away from this sham marriage of her.
Seeing as how we would need a sponsor for the podrace, I volunteered as the face; seeing a non-slave Cathar in this area is strange enough (and I know the appeal of us Cathar females in the galaxy, eugh), and it will make a great tragic story to raise interest. Let’s hope this all goes well…

Session 2
Sssaasz Xarl

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