Ixiel Damodred

1.8 meters tall, hazel hair and eyes and always a friendly disposition.


“Almost dead yesterday, maybe dead tomorrow, but alive, gloriously alive, today.”
“A beautiful battle is one you don’t have to fight.”

Son to a diplomat, apprentice to a Jedi Consular. Ixiel was born in Montellian Serat on the planet of Devaron.

Ixiel is friendly and curious, he enjoys debate and the exchanging of ideas. With a positive outlook on life, he enjoys the simple things and the company of those around him.
He’s eager to give advice and get involved is as many situations as he can, ready to lend aid. He’s been warned by his Master not to overextend himself, reaching for more than he can grasp, a warning that goes against his nature.

Being raised around a political environment, he quickly develop interpersonal skills and a predisposition for diplomatic and peaceful solutions, specially considering the harsh capital punishment on Devaron, to which the worst criminals are fed to the planet’s vicious predators, the Quarrans.

As part of a Matriarchal society he has a profound appreciation for all females, and will go to great lengths to avoid causing harm to any woman.


Ixiel Damodred

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