Star Wars - The Old Republic

Story So Far

It is a time of chaos


We are going to start playing in the year 32140 Republic Reckoning (32140 RR; or more or less, the 3640 BBY Before the Batle of Yavin).

Some things to have into consideration about this period of time on The Republic:

The Galactic Republic was the ruling government of the galaxy that existed for more than 25 thousand years, until the establishment of the first Galactic Empire in 19 BBY. Throughout its existence, the state was commonly known as the Republic. In the post-Republic era and beyond, it was remembered as the Old Republic; it was also rarely known as the Old Galactic Republic or First Galactic Republic. At times, the term Old Order was used to describe the Republic.

The Galactic Republic was a representative democracy, composed of various star systemssectors and member worlds throughout most of the known galaxy. Its central government consisted of three branches: legislative, executive and judicial. The first was the Galactic Senate, a body of elected or appointed representatives. Its main duties included mediating disputes over issues ranging from planetary to galactic-scale, regulating trade routes between star systems, and in theory, represented the interests of Republic citizens. The Office of the Supreme Chancellor was the Senate's executive counterpart. The Supreme Chancellor was elected from the ranks of the Senate by its members. As the leader of the Senate and the overall representative of the Republic, the Chancellor also held the titles Head of State and President. The judicial branch consisted of the Supreme Court and the lower Regional Courts. The Supreme Court was composed of twelve justices or Justicars, one of whom held the leadership position of Chief Justice.

Throughout most of its history as the dominant galactic power, the Republic did not style itself as a strong centralized government, but rather as a union of sovereign planets for the purposes of collective security and economic prosperity. It was said that its complete history could "fill a thousand libraries." 

<u>At the year we start the Campaign</u>, The Republic doesn't have a Supreme Chancellor. After the last Chancellor resignation (Tegra Vastru), the Senate has not been able to elect someone to take the office. The reason behind that is related to the fact that some systems are threatening to leave The Republic; for that reason some Senators are not willing to call for an election before all systems that will have a vote, sign a compromise that they will remain members of the republic for at least fifty more years. If that wasn't enough, other members of the Senate has proposed that there could be no election, until all Senate members are fully investigated against charges of corruption. Surprisingly, the motion passed and until now twelve Senators were judged, and none have been found innocent. Even the leader of the investigative proposal was put into jail. To sum up, as no agreement has been reached so far the discussion continues and The Republic is stagnated.

Among one of the last decisions the Senate reached, where the Jedi Special Comities, or more commonly known as The Jedi Trials or the Patriot Law; in witch the few remaining Jedi (not only fully members, but also some that were "accused" to be a Jedi) needed to turn over to Republic officials for investigation, as all of them are suspects of terrorist activity against The Republic. Some rumor that this law is just the beginning of a much restrictive campaign against Force Users, as many on the republic (some Senators as well) fear that all religious communities that believe in The Force has the potential of becoming religious extremists capable of terrorist acts. This Law was a big political drawback against Supreme Chancellor Tegra Vastru who, been a strong Jedi Supporter, resigned after The Patriot Law was approved. 

As neither the Executive or the Legislative branches were in condition of ruling The Republic, the Judicial Branch is the one in charge; thanks to a clause of the 12th Amendment of the Constitution of The Republic, which states that in the case of an emergency in witch the Senate can't call for a vote for Chancellor, the Justicars become the head of the Executive branch, ruling by decree and administrative orders until a Chancellor is elected.

The fist act of the Justicars, were to declare a state of emergency in The Republic to reunite resources and assemble a task force to help the systems that were more severely damaged during the last conflicts. The Army of The Republic was called to help; they were invested with the responsibility to coordinate and help relocate refugees in some systems (most of the Separatist systems didn't want to receive refugees in they're borders), the Engineers Corps started to help in the reconstruction of some cities and the Navy started to patrol the borders to reduce piracy that was on the rise.

Its important to notice that at this point, the Army of The Republic, is a heavily trained highly experienced group, composed mainly of seasoned veterans for the last fifty years conflicts. They have high morale and count with the trust of the people. 

Away from the spotlight the Justicars also investigate the Army, and some officials were found guilty on a court martial but most of the trials were dealt in secrecy in order to avoid damaging the Army's reputation.

What did hit the spotlight in the media, adding more complexity to the situation; was the Justicars intervention on the Senate, putting into jail more than a dozen Senators, with charges that ranged from abuse of power/influence, corruption and high-treason.

The Justicars also started an intervention on The Jedi Order to clarify the events in which some of its mos distinguished members, turned against The Republic, in the last fifty years (Freedom Nad; Exar Kun; Ulic Qel-Droma; Alec Resh also known as Darth Malak and Revan).

One of the Last Justicars decree (goes into effect this week) states that all Jedi prisoners, found innocent of terrorist charges must be released. Before this, they were held in a Guantanamo like prison, regardless of the verdict. Some rumors say that most prisoners never got a trial. All the released prisoners will be placed on a Republic Protection Program for they're own safety, as there have been several assassination attempts (most of them successful), against citizens connected to The Jedi Order. It is unknown who is behind this, so far it is known that someone is hiring Bounthy hunters in the far reaches of The Republic near the Outer Realms, to pursue this enterprise. All Jedi Temples must be closed and protected from pillage by The Republic Military Police, and all Jedi artifacts must be placed under the Army supervision. It is against the Republic Law to sell Jedi artifacts and its considerate contraband to transport them. It is also against the law to keep a Jedi Artifiact, all items suspected to be Jedi treasures must be delivered to the Army of The Republic for inspection.

As The Pink Panther is a rumored Jedi treasure, his actual owner wants to get rid of it while he still can get a profit, and what a better place to do that than on Bespin, outside The Republic borders…


Sssaasz Sssaasz

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