Sinah Mirguk

Short, feisty, and prone to outbursts: don't mention the Mandalorians if you value your entrails.


Short Cathar female, with a short, brown mane of hair, and amber eyes. Her body is covered in thin, light-brown fur, with darker brown markings on her face. Her petite frame comes from her belonging to a subspecies known for their smaller size, as well as the fact that Cathar females tend to be much smaller than the males.

Due to being the mother of a litter of rambunctious kits, as well as the extensive travelling that needs to be done inside Dantooine for her ambassadorial work, she always wears practical clothing that makes travelling easy…and fighting if the occasion requires it. Unless she is at a formal event, she will always be wearing some variation of trousers, long shirt and hooded coat, and boots, in tones of brown, green or black, to better blend into her surroundings. Her only decoration is a set of three small earrings on each of her pointy ears, one representing her and her litter mates, and the other representing her own litter.

Having been educated as an ambassador and a warrior, and a proud Cathar despite the suffering of her race, she always keeps a straight back, and can be quite formal in her way of speaking, although with a flair for the dramatic. Unless you want a full rant about how all Mandalorians should perish eaten by giant beetles, do NOT mention them to her. Dislikes the Republic and does not trust the Jedi Council, although she is relatively fond of Jedi as individuals, grateful for their role in avenging her people.


Sinah Mirguk

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