Mal is a tall (1.87) human with brown hair and blue eyes, easy on the eyes and most of the time easy going dude. He is quick on his feet, hates the idea of resorting to gun fighting he will try the diplomacy first with a charming smile that brings nothing but trouble, mostly to himself, that’s why he never leaves ‘home’ without his trusty sidearm.

As a veteran living on the outer rim, he gets by just day by day, doing third rates jobs that keep him going. He is a petty criminal, and a bad one, he lives by his own code of what is right and wrong, most of the scum think he see himself better than them and they are mostly right. That made him a easy pick for mocking with a variety of military ranks beign the fan favorites since that is what annoys him the most.

He loves the stars, and that’s the answer he gives to the question, why a pilot? He is a good one, as during his career on the navy he piloted most of the common space ships of the galaxy, he claims that “if it has wings and a motor I can fly it.”

He is loyal to a fault, and will never leave anybody behind, that’s why some scum tolerate to work with him, and the fact that he is a good shot and a better pilot.



He was born on Taris, a planet that was bombed by Darth Malak, so he doesn’t like in general Jedis or Sith a like, since in the last couple of decades the line between them is quite blurry.

He enlisted in the Navy just after the Mandalorian wars, beign trained of world made him the sole survivor of his family after the bombing of Taris. Served in the Navy more than 10 years, most of his service record is redacted even the cause of the dishonorably discharge.

After the discharge he hop-in in a space transport to the first outer rim system and for like a year now he is beign doing less than legitimate bussiness.




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