Tall, guarded, and quietly confident in her abilities, Ivez does not suffer fools gladly.


Tall, with jet-black hair, and blue skin, Ivez could be mistaken for a Pantoran but for her glowing red eyes, marking her out as something unknown to the rest of galaxy. Ask her what she is, however, and she will laugh.

She is dressed as in her image: comfortable and form-fitting clothing, designed to make movements easy and her opponents distracted. The only difference being the lightsabre casually clipped to her belt. To the trained observer, however, it is clear that there is nothing casual about where her light-sabre is clipped, and, when questioned on it, her stance will shift, ever so slightly, so that she is ready to draw it: it is definitely not a trophy.

Ivez appears friendly, and will respond to pleasantries in kind, but, she is always standing straight, and at 1.9 metres, that is quite noticeable. Her eyes are always fixed on something, or someone, and there is no joy in them: only a cold, calculating stare.

When given the opportunity, Ivez will happily engage in debate, whether on politics, religion, or anything else. She does not back down easily from her opinions, but may, grudgingly concede a point to others if they present a particularly good argument. Sometimes it seems she argues for the sake of it.


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