A rescued padawan still struggling with his new place in jedi society


A troublesome student who after being rescued for an undisclosed location after what seems to have been a terrible accident that has made him rely on mechanic implants for his functionality and left him looking more as a beast than human. he has found a place in the fallen jedi order, albeit being that place one of constant clashes and deep reflections of him self and other peers, making him one person always on the ready to practice both combat and deep discussion on the course of the jedi and their place in the galaxy.

Albeit all his faults people recognize his desire for all the jedi to improve themselves and is always willing to help fellow jedi on even the more mundande tasks.

The only person who seems to clam him down on the occasions when things get out of had is his brother whom for whatever reason always seem to listen over every subject.

Focused on the lighsaber Technics and raw power of the force to empower his physical prowess, he is like a storm hitting calm waters, yellow lightsaber on hand when things get out of hand the faster things get done the the faster the waters can calm again.



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