Star Wars - The Old Republic

Pilot's Log, Episode 5
Kobayashi Maru

<u>No return</u>



Sometimes you do bad for good reasons, sometimes you do good for bad reasons, but usually is less black and white and more grey. You can be simpathetic to someone reasons to do something but you cannot stand the actual deed, it takes a way better man than me to let the historians judge that, and I think the galaxy is full of people that are quicker to judge than let the time put things in perspective, for once I'm not judging that.

As I told you before Sinah went to Pizza the Hutt, prince of his kind, and a gangster, I was really against that, she went behind my back, did I feel betrayed? Yes, Does that impairs my accessment of what happened? Perhaps. Did I overreact? Maybe. Do I feel bad for doing so? Not really. I am a man of strong opinions, and I'm usually voicing them, not that I don't know that I might be wrong, but I stick to my guns on some topics, and what is to be expected from a public servant is one of those topics, at least until I'm proven otherwise.

I was back in the hangar doing some greasy work on the Racing Pod, I got some intel to review about the possible circuit, but I wasn't in the right mindset to do so, but I could check the hidraulics of the pod, that's something that can ease my mind. Then Adar came to the hangar, and then the moment that I asked about what happened he gave me a beer to start, good initiative, but a clear indicator of bad news. Nolan, Yves and Ixiel where still in the hotel, Sinah was probably on other part of the hangar, I didn't see her entering. Long story short, the Hutt "rescued the boys" even before Sinah knew they were in danger, they are already on route to Cloud City, apparently Lord Drixit wasn't respectful enough and that cost him 5 (or it was 6?) Siths Knights and being denied of the Hutt favor. Do I belive that the Hutt would be against the Siths so early in this conflict? No, probably is a show of force, to have a better hand to play when actual negotiations take place, if the Hutts think the Siths are winning.

The price was steep, the Hutt played his cards close to the chest and Sinah got to agree to the price of rescuing her family even before knowing that the Hutt already had them, she sold his first born into a blood bond with the hutts, sold her own future accepting becoming the queen of the Cathar, and then proclaming that the Hutts are friends of the Cathar people. She already took a beating to her ego with Mandalorian Motors, now this, I guess is not her fault but her breeding; I'm glad that her family is okey, I am, but I cannot abide the how, the corruption runs rampant in the galaxy and this showed up? You start a road of no return, the moment I heard about it I feared for Cathar's future and questioned something that I didn't do since Arcann, the true loyalties of those around me. You probably ask yourself why not question Katrina's loyalty? Because from the start I knew she was loyal to her home planet and everything else came second. Now I'm wondering if Sinah, because of her attachment with her family, could do something like this again.

I told the others that I'll not be helping her in any capacity to achive the goals of the Hutt. I was accused of being a hypocrit not because of what I said but why I did it by Ixiel, Katrina asked some questions, to be honest it wasn't received well but not bad either, I wish to talk to Sinah about it, but she was unavaible.

I guess I'm not the only one feeling that way, in two days I watched how all that she had cut ties with her. First it was her husband with their children. Later Alphabet did the announcement of the rebranding with Sinah, but the next big thing that Alphabet did with the Cathari had other Cathar there, there is even a motion on the Senate to get Cathar a sit on the Senate that will be voted someday and Sinah's cousin is set up to be their Senator. The elders made her a pariah, stripped of her influence and station, she was dishonered.

I know a thing or too about being dishonered, sometimes you do what you have to do, even if you know your actions will have bad consecuences, I wish her well and I hope she can pick herself up better than I did, maybe sometime in the future I'll be glad to say I was wrong about her.

We learnt nothing.


While the things with Sinah are still exploding we were trying to get back in track, Nolan got us a break with hacking the survillance on the Hutt Palace, and finding one more mistery. One older woman that was not being remember by anyone. I hate that, I hate the way some people think that is okey to play with other folks memories. To be honest more than the mistery we didn't get much, but is a long celebration and we might as well get some info, or at least a way to know how and when Lord Drixit is trying to spread roots on this side of the galaxy.

And then, we got a communication from the winguard that Yves is on Cloud City Med because she was hurt when inside Lord Drixit space ambassy, and only got rescued because the Winguard posted outside the ambassy thought that when she was outside the ambassy rescuing her was a good idea, so we learnt nothing, walking alone into the wolves den while blindfonded, this time causing probably a interspace diplomatic debacle.

I was on the verge here, I wouldn't be able to get over another member of the group going rogue this time I couldn't even muster a good idea of why, so I let the others going on there, I would listen to the reason later, maybe I was shortsighted.

Adar came out a few minutes, he was sharing my concerns about group unity and trust among ourselves, we talked about it a few minutes and then Katrina ran pass us, with a face I knew why more than I would like, so I follow her, to be interrupted by Ixiel, he shared earlier some insights on his own past and in his own present. He wanted to go with me but I asked him to stay put, I said he was too close, a half truth, and I'm getting a little too comfortable saying those.

Then it was time for Katrina to shoot with the heavy weapons, she hit more than miss, a heavy blow to anybody ego, but as stubborn as I am, I kept to my goal, taking off some the burden she was carrying, and if she need to lash out to do so, well I cannot be helped. I tried my best not to antagonize even if she give me motive, she was riding the tall bantha now, all-mighty all-knowing and patronizing, all the things that make me lash out, I kept my cool just this one, I gave her a pass the moment I saw that she was "upset".

Not that all that harshness didn't speak volumes or truth, in a way it showed me a new light about the way she was tought, a place where if you care for somebody you don't show kindness, because kidness get yourself killed, you are harsh, because the world is harsh, you prepared them to the outside world. Much alike the academy prepares soldiers with even unfair tests, no-win scenarios, actually the chat with her was like a no-win scenario for me, damned if I do, damned if I don't. At the end it give me time and things to think about.

Is time that this ship gets the course changed or we are going to sink with it.

As always, this is not exactly a history book, it has some personal opinions, Malcom cannot be helped, he is always sharing his opinions. This time we only have one bantha, sorry but we need to keep it cool. SpacePeta is a pain in the ass with Bantha rights.

Pilot's Log, Episode 4
No rest for the wicked.

<u>And one more thing.</u>



As you may know now, I'm not exactly a family man, grew up in the slums, joined a gang, and I never looked back when I left Taris. But when you get into the army you join a family, so when I say I lost brothers and sisters, I'm not talking about Taris, I'm talking about the battlefield, I'm talking about brothers in arms, people I'm proud off, and people I'll never forget.

There is that sense of belonging, there is no blood bond as strong as that, so when you are discharged as I was from the army, you are not only being fired off from your job, you are expelled from your own family, some folks never recover, but I know that most long for that belonging. That's why there are so many Private Military Contractors, many soldiers need a new family after being discarded after serving proudly, but this is not a political manifesto, it's what comes to my mind when somebody say family.

Back then I did paint myself in a corner, too stubborn to let it go, to honorable to let it go, and too naive to see the world as it was. I found a new family among the stars, a crew of misfits that pay the price of being near me, my other family grew jealous, resented me for abandoning them, is it ironic? They force my hand, and then destroyed everything I loved in the name of love? for me?
It's has been a while since that, my feelings are there, still underneath my skin, biding their time, in a way I'm still licking my wounds, but I'll not forget nor forgive, there is going to be retribution. I got derailed again by the past, so, what's so much about family now?

All started as Cloud City started to move, we were discussing matters relatives to our job there, we got a couple more days, a trace of a plan and then Nolan comes with an idea, The idea has a simplicity and beauty that I'm a little ashamed of not thinking it myself but it's a testament to the think outside the box that Nolan was known for. The jewel whereabouts are not disclosed yet, but what if the gem is inside the owner's body? He explained.

I know, it's a big gem, but it could be, so our criminal minds started to concoct a plan, a way to get a clear scan of the body, and a way to extract the gem without them noticing, it felt right, everything was back to ordinary for a moment we were just a crew of pity criminals way over our heads alas with crime in our minds for the first time in a while, but shall not be rest for the wicked one holocall to Sinah and eveything changed, her cubs were missing.

Army of One


You expect exactly that, an army of one, and that's how plans go awry, one loose cannon, one gear out of sync and you are dead, I heard that scolding so many times, and that's what I tried to avoid at all costs after hearing the news. But man, no folk should take hostage a kiddo, that's not good form, it pisses me off, I got so fed up in that moment, whosoever did this is a monster, sadly we are surrounded by monsters, those flying banthas I keep talking about? That are a terrible visage, but this kind of monster? They deserves a hole in their head.

The communication was cut short, the movement of Cloud City into a storm, made connecting with wherever Sinah's mate was he was unreacheable. We discuss and try to reach outside with the help of Garibaldi but our efforts where unsuccessful because the relays that Cloud City had in place were out of order. They were supposedly on Dantooine, a planet under the influence of the Hutts, I don't remember who said that Pizza the Hutt, a prince among them should have a way to communication with the rest of the galaxy, I remember barking at Nolan to do whatever was necessary to find it, while we went to talk to Garibaldi, that was strike one.

Then what it was necessary was to access the communication central, something we were trying to avoid at all costs, we didn't want to get unnecessary attention to ourselves from the Architect, who oversees all of Cloud City technological infraestructure, Garibaldi was kind enough to get us an appointment, but he warned me to watch out for two things, be really precise with your words, and don't let Nolan sniff around outside what he was asked to do. I took to the heart the first one, be careful of my own words? That I can do, I was told recently that I'm the one that talks the most, so I kinda have a lot of experience on talking, but that thing with Nolan, I wanted to ask, but I didn't, Garibaldi wouldn't tell me, and I trusted Nolan to disclose at least something to make me less wary about that.

After that we did a little brainstorming, we tried to avoid the Architect, but the other option was to inquire the Hutt directly, and no good will happen with walking blindly to the wolves den, even if I'm kinda an expert in that matter. I don't know exactly what, why, or how, but I caught Katrina almost blushing to one of my off hands comments off her, well it was time for the femme fatale to get swoon by my natural charisma, or dumb luck, the jury is still our on that one.

Alas we went to met the Architect, I was not really inclined to Sinah being there, but there was a case made about the importance of not only telling but showing, I was afraid of an army of one scenario again, I did ask her if she trusted me, she said yes, well I guess I need to trust her on this one. The meeting was around what I expected, except that I felt like Sinah's heart was not in it, not that she didn't care, but like she was being overflow by what happened around her, and instead of fighting it she was okey with being carried away, maybe she thought the direction was right, maybe it was, but I couldn't but notice it, I guess each one process their feelings differently, for example Ixiel even if the Arcann situation is brought to the attention from time to time he doesn't seem to let that change his ways, I wonder if they suffer and mourn like us, or their feelings are buried six fet under.

The results of the meeting was sadly around what I expected, Lord Drixit ship being something I could guess but not be sure until now, totally alien and mostly outside our reach of understanding, but connected to the galaxy, and the hutt having his way with the Bothan Net, only two ways to contact the rest of the galaxy, in the hands of the most sketchy characters in Cloud City, only two options to actually get to contact the husband, we now know that they were still on Dantooine, Hutt planet, oddly enough Sinah wasn't sure, only two, I kept repeating that on my head.

They were discussing what to do, who to talk, I think there was a moment where the popular idea was knocking on Drixit door,  I don't know why I was on board with that, probably because I was so pissed, that was strike two. During the arguing Sinah said "I'm going to talk to the Hutt" army of one moment, no plan, no backup, no leverage I couldn't let her do that, I stood in front of her, talk her down, better she hate me for a while than die, or worse.

She storm off to the bunk area of the hangar, and in that moment two things happened, collective being strike three, Koldo pushed Sinah into an Army of One scenario, and I thought it was a good idea to be the loose cannon myself. I was so preoccupied to get a third option that I never stopped to ask myself if it was even a good idea, I took it the moment I got one.

The aftermath


For every action there is a reaction, and sometimes not taking action breaks this rule, is a rule of the universe and when you break universal laws bad things happen, everything that ever happened it was that way for a reason, that night everybody took an action and there will be consequences, I took Katrina to Garibaldi planning to raise hell in Cloud City, and Sinah she went AWOL on us, but it wasn't enough to us to take those actions, we dragged others with us, I dragged Katrina with me and Adar with Sinah, at the moment I was under the impression that Adar was the most cool headed in the group, and the one with most experience with Hutts. Ixiel and Nolan took the cab that Koldo asked to be delivered 5 minutes after his shenanigan.

I know for a fact the crew that went to the Hutt broke a deal, or it was more than a single deal? I would learn later about that, and I would have time to think on what I did and I did not take part, and what degree of responsibility I ended up with and what it was more meaningful what was my opinion on what transpired there.

But for now on, I'll focus on what happened with Katrina, we started talking and I don't know why, but usually when people question my methods I had two defaults settings, higher up in the chain of command, play the brigand, down on the chain of command play rank, again two only options, but this time somebody else got me the afore mentioned third option, she presented herself not as a subordinate, not as ranking officer, but as an equal, but more important, telling me that no matter what choice I made she will back my play, I started to think something in the water of Cloud City makes people reckless, first Adar, now Katrina, both risking their lives on my decisions and not asking questions, it hit me, the responsibility to do the right thing.

We arrive to the Winguard tower, and this crisis was adverted, I didn't make a fool of myself or worse, actually get to rise hell on Cloud City, and why not both, that moment if it wasn't for Katrina I did not have bounds, no limits is not freedom, is being slave of passion. I hope to once repay that, I couldn't live with myself if… better not to think about it.


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And this is, I hope you liked it, we publlish new content from time to time to get right away please subscribe. Of course there is going to be Banthas, the Encrypted message is not rambling, is and actual text randomized, so good luck if you want to know what I posted, I'll update this entry when at least one of you get clearance level 7. Up! Up! and Away!

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Pilot's Log, Episode 3
The Cloud City is moving.

<u>And shit hit the Fan</u>

The Lady in Black


As you know by now, I love surprises, imagine my face when after the enemies have surrender one girl shows up, dressed mostly in black with red, claiming to have been waiting to the right time to help us and get into our good side. Trap! Of course I thought it's a trap, but there was something weird around her, maybe that's the part when somebody says the will of the force, or just cut it with kindred spirits bullshit. I don't know, but even if I didn't lowered my defenses I heard her.

Katrina claimed to be from afar, from almost the heart of the Sith Empire, but not part of it, she even give us her title as part of the "most loyals" from the Zardoc, the ruler of her system, and apparently a system that could imbalance the Sith Empire if any of the other 3 factions would ever take control of it. Her missions is to be sure that none of the Sith factions ever gets the Pink Panther, or the Heart of the Guardian as the Jedi think it could be or the Heart of the Emperor, apparently that's how is called in the Empire. 

And then my mind fly back to Rakata Prime again, that stupid big space station that spits weapons and spaces ships, that was supposed to be some Sith thing that Darth Malak was using to destroy the galaxy, like he did to Taris, a broken Empire that is united was a nightmare. I couldn't let that happen, not that my plan was giving the gem to the highest bidder anyway, but her words ringed true in my ears, even if I couldn't trust her, we will be losing more if she was telling the truth instead of lying. So the conundrum is, do you believe in a Spy? What are the chances that Banthas actually can fly?

She leaves us with more questions than answers and a proposal of alliance, and alliance that in that moment I didn't know how I feel about. But we did have more pressing matters at hand, I would give it thought while at ease. But before she leaves, I asked her about the earing I found at the museum, she claimed as her own and that she left it to so I would find it, strange.

The past always comes back


The 'verse has always some kind of irony with dealing with fellows like me, fellows that have run from the past so much that sometimes they think they forgot about it. And yes I'm well aware that somebody in some planet will say, "it's the will of the force", well the force has one hell of sense of irony. A quick recap, we were just talking to an Spy from the uncharted part of the universe, with around 30 heavily armed and probably very well trained that surrender to us, and no plan. So what we do? Well try to un-burn the bridges.

So that's the plan, while my fellows try to extract some information from this mercenaries I would make a call to Garibaldi, he seemed to not dislike me, weird right? Well he is a veteran too, and I think he is the kind of guy you gotta be upfront and he will respect you, so it's likely that my earlier phone call was actually a good first step in not get totally in his bad side. I called and I got patch through, I heard that little noise that the coms do when you do a relay outside your own building. Well he informed me he was in the Cloud City Med, with his two men, I respect that a leader that doesn't rule from the Ivory tower, and he really take it personally the wound of his men. To bussiness, I told him that we were attacked and that we were going to give them those men to him so he could interrogate them for the recent incidents, he seemed surprised of our capabilities, I was surprised too, but I was not going to say that.

While I was talking to him, I remember a veteran I once met, he was scarred from head to toes on his right side, burn scars, pretty nasty, the kind of scars you get a surgeon to repair, so I asked, and he told me he was saved by a Jedi, that that young Jedi took the flames out, the burn under his skin and it was like he took the injuries as his own, and the way he had to honor that sacrifice was to display his scars.  Back from daydreaming I was midway asking Ixiel if he could do something to the men that were in Cloud City Med.

He mumbled something that we where more alike that I would admit, and that's the second time that kid tells me that I'm a softy like him, well, I cannot let some kid giving me the reputation of a softy could I? I said so, truly, he reminds me of my past self, the one that enlisted in the army to save some folks, but I was better looking, and less pampered in my upbringing.

We tried to depart to Cloud City Med but we were surprised by Winguard men that were supposed to take all of us in custody, that seems odd, maybe my call to Garibaldi wasn't as effective as I thought, but Ixiel talked to the officer at charge and they took us at Cloud City Med instead. An to Garibaldi, he was just outside of the ICU, from the durasteel doors I could see the doctos trying to save a couple of soldiers, they were in pretty bad shape. The rest is a haze, we talked Garibaldi barked some orders, next thing I knew I'm in the ICU beside both men, and one of them is a face I remember, somebody I thought I'll never saw again, I owe him a life debt, the last person I wanted to see actually, he did good for me, I don't want him entangled with my drama again.

Back to Corellia


This is going to be a short chapter, I don't usually go as far as my training in Corellia in this journey logs, but this time it's needed, it was my 4th year on Corellia, I did have some friends, some not as friendly acquittances but I liked to prowl in the campus, I was always a social animal, even if that sometimes gets me in trouble. That's how I met, let's call him Nolan, since is his name now, he was a sophomore there, from Corellia, a farm boy actually, it would be so easy call him farm boy, but I actually respect farms, they bring food to your table, so don't disrepect farms. Haircut, I called him that, sometimes, well maybe a little more, but he had some really disastrous haircut, I think I still have some photos lying around. He was a big nerd, but not the kind of fake nerds, he was stupid brilliant and with a way of thinking outside the box that surpasses even my wit to improvise. Of course I took notice of him, he wasn't exactly liked by some jocks, but pilots were on the top of that food chain, so I keep him from getting bullied too much, from afar, I wasn't a big softy there nor now. But when the war games exercises came in my last year, I drafted him onto my team, it was for my surprise easy, the engineer spot from most of my competitors were taken from others 5th years students, I took him.

We got a blast, we got even points for style in that competition even if we didn't get the first prize, I guess it was my farewell gift, since after not flunking that exercise I would leave the academy to the front, and having a good impression in that exercise would make his life easier. We got like 1 month to actually be friends, he promised me to visit his farm, and told me things about his life, man I would loved to be raised like he was, but I wouldn't have take this path.

Then we fast forward to my days on Havoc, we were running an easy mission, infiltrate and exfiltrate some SIS folks from behind the lines of some warlord in Balmorra, intel was solid, we didn't have any kind of backup because we weren't expecting confrontation. First, it wasn't some folks from SIS, it was Nolan, he made it out of the academy to "the company" that nerdy guy was an spy now! We have a couple of hours to have a briefing and depart so we rekindle that friendship there. But man, that intel was not solid, moments before taking to atmo we got hunted down by interceptors, took some serious maneuvering landing and walking after it, now stranded behind enemy lines, and being hunted, in a mission that will get us both disavowed if captured, so friday right?

We survived a week before reaching an enemy camp, his guts and shenanigans with mechanic things get us alive, while navigating the jungle and fighting of some really nasty looking creatures that were quite afraid of the light so he made some big damn lantern to keep them away. Well after reaching camp, that was mostly my doing, preparing a distraction, stealing a ship and getting away with it, after successfully downloading the data that the brass wanted.

Next time I ever see him was during the trial, the tide had turned, I was mostly getting "slave labor until you die in a mining asteroid" kind of human sentence that the republic gives to traitors, because the proof of my claims got caught in a disappearance act and nobody would ever vouch for me, cue to Nolan, to actually came forward speaking about my character and somehow the proof I needed started to appear. He was pulled from Coruscant by the SIS before I even had the chance to say thanks, even if the trial went pear shaped, it could have been really worse.

Now back to the present days.

Back to the Present


En el presente Ixiel, Yves and Adar were doing what they could to bring back Nolan, I could see the toll that thing was taking into them, I wished I could help, but the only thing I could do was held Nolan's hand and ordering him back to shape, and making him remember that he still owes me that visit to his farm, whatever I could say to make him listen to fight back. I've always thought that my words could make me get away with everything, but bringing someone from the brink of death? That is a new low for my narcissism, not that I wouldn't try.

I felt helpless a lot of times, but like this? I would say never, maybe it was the strenght of my conviction, or even some kind of higher power, or if you are inclined to say so, the force, but I felt connected to their efforts, not in a way that I was doing the same, but that my words actually mattered that somehow I made some difference, that we didn't travel all this years all this light years to be so close and just for him to die, it didn't feel like it was supposed to be. And it was not, the medical equipment surronding Nolan started to sound 'right' and his organs started to take a right color. Yes, we were actually seeing his innards with no need of equipment he was that bad.

Next thing I now, they start they effort to save the other one, this one took whatever was left of their energy, they felt I was able to catch Ixiel, while Adar took comfort in a wall, and Sinah took care of Yves.

I remember a little foggy what happened next, I was so full of adrenaline that I think I could have run the 500 miles of Bespin right in that moment, Sinah asked me about Nolan, I think I said I owe him my life. Garibaldi was so glad, not only for his men to live, but there was something going on, here at Cloud City that would be worse if they die. He talked to me in private about how the Baron Administrator and Himself were grateful and why they kept this under wraps, that was ok for me, it wasn't my idea to get recognition, saving two would have been enough.

After the Life day Miracle


Took them a while to return to their senses, actually Nolan was up faster, he was cleared before they wake up, it was time for a catch-up-chat, he told me he goes by the name of Nolan then, and that he is dead for the company, took his word as gospel, that little fella knows a lot, but he doesn't know how to lie to me, he actually tried with something, I don't remember why, but he wasn't exactly lying he tried to not be straight, well I can give him that, he learned when not to tell things. But for once I just was glad to have him in the realm of the living, I was not in the mood for conducting an interrogatory, he was helping out his kinda mentor Garibaldi. That cleared one thing, Garibaldi was SIS at least once.

Then I remember talking to Adar and asking about if he was instructed not to drink alcohol, and of course he wasn't, so Doctor Reynolds prescribed a beer, I got a little side tracked in my quest for booze. I have my fame of skirt chaser and even if there wasn't an actual skirt I had to chase. Missus "Gunner for the old team of Mandalorian motors", I was actually a little surprised, but she wasn't taking any of my nonsense at the moment and was fleeing the scene, suspicious, but well I'll be damned, I tried to be nice, so let's try a little bit sleazy, I might or not, but if you know me you know I did, talk her that I will be expecting her at the finishing line, and then proceed to leave. And then visited Koldo that was just in the same corridor that our little miss gunner, well that missus is actually his daughter, and he didn't like my attitude about her, and my skirt chaser tendencies, I was not in the mood to get scolded of my not-father-in-law so I offer him booze instead.

In a couple of minutes the room was filled with the rest of the crew, eating some cathari stew and drinking booze, while the news show us that a couple of bounty hunters well apprehended in the case related to the market. And the 500 miles of Bespin was going to be delayed because the city was moving because there was an incoming storm.

I thought it was Garibaldi's doing, and a familiar voice told me I was wrong, Russell was in the Cloud City Med, to check on us, he came clean with somethings like having previous plans to steal the gem, having already a ship in a hiding spot, and giving us a new hangar. He was a little bit cautious about talking with Koldo and Nolan around but I said that they were with me. We could actually use Nolan's craftmanship and Koldo was already suspecting, no harm in actually being honest with them, took my chances with being second guessed by the rest, but that didn't happen.

I was worried about things on the old hangar so I took Nolan with me to do a security check, more time alone to talk, and be sure he was ready to help us with what we are doing, whatever it is at this moment. Meanwhile the others figured to get Katrina's attention and figure it what kind of alliance she was proposing, Ixiel was the one with her number, bold move kiddo, I think I didn't say it back then, but for your, well that's one step closer to leave the temple and actually travel the universe.

I got pinged, and asked about what I think about a full partnership, I thought the call was more a let me now they've already decided, but I played along, we went democratic and I was outvoted, my position was more a stance on being opposite to check if they actually thought it through than being opposite with conviction, I couldn't figure it out yet if Banthas could fly.

So we met again in the Hangar this time with Katrina, she took a bug from my clothes, I felt like a fool at the time, but I couldn't be angry with her, it was more a flaw from my part that I searched for bugs everywhere except on myself than her fault. And then the lady in black is with us, full thrust, full transparency. She even said that she was trained to resist some of the things that the force users could do, so she wasn't exactly at ease with Yves or Ixiel.

I found that interesting because it make me puzzle some things together, there is a chance that my lost time and headaches are related to that. There is something that Nolan is not telling me that railgun bullet we found, he seemed to know way much that Adar about that, and Katrina seemed to know that back home that kind of bullets are used. But now, as in the begining I'm left with more questions than answers.

And that's the end of entry 3, with 100% more Banthas!



Pilot's Log, Episode 2
The following days

<u>Day 2</u>

Unexpected guest


Next day was actually pretty eventful, we decided to split the crew, take some action and actually do shit. Ixiel, Yves and Sinah were to have a meeting with the Baron Administrator of Cloud City, Adar and I went to the musem to do some reckon before the heist. But before that we got Koldo our sociopath mechanic to do some exposure on the teams that are racing, and their crew. He hid something from us, that will take a couple of days to surface.

Talking about things that surfaced, Ixiel told us that our employer Russell was less than welcoming and very far from forgiving about the things that happened in the market, during the appointment that Ixiel and Arcann had to retrieve the hacking spike he rigged part of the water system of Cloud City and threaten to kill both of them if they didn't depart immediately from Bespin. Ixiel managed to change that, but both had to surrender their lightsabers. I was pretty pissed, and the thought of going and talking some truths to Russell crossed my mind, but that wasn't the right time.

Our reckon was actually not really useful all the parts that were interesting were guarded or behind close doors, we didn't push our luck there, we made a plan to get in there as maintenance crew and try to get our hands in a service droid to do part of the heist for us.

For what I was told, the meeting went well, they got acquainted with Garibaldi, the chief of security of Cloud City, and they manage to get the Baron to bet for us, he was pleased with Sinah visit and I think Garibaldi was onto something, but I've heard rumors of him working Intelligence so that's probably me being paranoic. Before the meeting they meet one of the prospect bidders, Lord Drixit, from outside the Republic Space, he mentioned his home planet but I couldn't get figure were that is, he seemed to unnerve Ixiel somehow.

Little did we know at that moment that brief but fateful meeting will change everything for us.

The Proposal


Sometimes the opportunity knocks on your door, sometimes is something really big and with a longer reach that you expected to have, or at least that's what I thought this was, travelling to Bespin was innocuous, getting in the middle of a heist to steal an allegedly artifact of the Jedi, well a little more engaging than my usual. But getting a holocall to meet with the CEO of Mandalorian motors took everything up to eleven.

Seriously I got blindsided there, probably because the reaction of Sinah was growling some swear words in Cathary, or just my own thoughts about the Mandalorians, after all I did enlist during the Mandalorian Wars. I was mentally prepared to have to deal with the worst kind of scum in the galaxy warmongers, sleazy douchebags with corporate jargons all over the place, and an army of lawyers that will make our life hell if we wanted to race. And I prepared for that, boy I was so wrong, in retrospective I should know that me preparing for that was the obvious thing, and a big corporation like that would've know better, live and learn I suppose right?

First of all, I made a meeting with half the group, expressed my concerns about the meeting with Ixiel and Adar, and what I really wanted was for Ixiel to be able to reach Sinah in a way I thought I couldn't, make her understand that she usually have her heart on her sleeve regarding the Mandalorians and that will hinder her negotiating position and probably her character if they want to smear her publicly. Ixiel was quite strong on the idea that I could make the case but I choose to believe that he did have better chances, like he was instrumental to our sucess on Koldo.

On the things I was wrong about it that day, Sinah took our concern way better than I expected, we made our case of what we are going to say and etc, and she agreed not to be there, everything went so well, than I should have known that nothing goes that well for that much.

So after the meeting with the Baron and our little reckon on the museum Adar, Ixiel and I went to meet that CEO. We got into a space shuttle to break atmo and went to THE Capital ship of Mandalorian Motors, it was a display of power that was engineer to remind us how little we are, on that angle course for the par. But after that we got to met the CEO she was a welcoming woman, I guess that a shark in sheep clothes, but she didn't do anything of what I expected, the proposal was so simple, elegant and unexpected that I got to feel humbled by just not seeing it.

They didn't want us to forfeit the race, they want an alliance, a big media coverage with a big boost on PR for their company, that's something we weren't prepared to discuss or accept without Sinah's approval. We heard what she said, and we were asked to have an answer in an hour, so getting to Cloud City again and explaining to Sinah was the course of action.

Next meeting was just a little over 1 hour of the last, same conditions, colossal capital ship, pristine meeting room, everything was like we never left, except now we have Sinah and we came with some thing that we like for the agreement to happen. The short version an strategic alliance with the Cathari people, that incorporates the know how and the tools to actually rebuild Cathar prime, a ship for our use, and of course we will not only race on her flag but try our really best to make it a dream of PR.

On that front Ixiel wanted a public claim of ownership of the fault on the Mandalorian wars, and pushed for it, we had already discussed it and we tought it was pushing it too far, but he suggested it as something personal, not that it matters that much when you are chief of staff of somebody. Well I got pissed off there and went a little off on my best behavior, and that probably affect my recollection of the facts, but to put it simply they are re-branding and part of it is to go forward and trying to get past the events of that war, so in a way they are asking forgiveness in a corporate way at least. So we got an agreement and the contact info of the CEO, in a way to get into doing more bussiness in the future.

Did I like her? Well not personally, but I can respect her way of conducting bussines, do I believe she is honest about her motivations, as much as I believe in flying banthas. But she surprised me in a good way, I believed I was going to be bullied and even if there were some veiled threats about what means not to agree, she kept it civil and at least tryied to look the part of a not so sleazy CEO, time will tell if she is trustworthy, but corporate brass is way worse than military brass so I doubt it.

Under Heavy Fire


Want to know what enrages me more than been a fool and not making the right plan? Being blinsided by the unexpected, my life in the cabin of a space ship got me that gut feeling when something is going awry or it could be the smell of trouble that gets in my way? Well most of the time I know when to walk away, not that my judgment is usually good enough to do so.

And that happened just when we were making maneuvers to break atmo Ixiel "felt" that Arcann was in great peril, we pondered our options, and the consequences of doing so. Ultimately, the answer was making a call to Garibaldi and try to get help from the Winguard. Garibaldi instructed Ixiel to come to the Winguard HQ, he and Sinah went there when the rest of us go on the double to our Hangar.

The moment I step foot in the hangar my worst memories of the war came to my head, it was a freaking mess all the hangar was like a war zone, there was an assault and the Winguard was in the receiving end of it. I heard two men were on the Cloud City Med and their odds weren't exactly good. My mind was back to my people, Koldo was transfered to Cloud City Med because he was agitated, apparently he came after the incident to the hangar. But Arcann was missing, there were signs of struggle, lightsabee struggle to be accurate. I build some rapport with the Winguard men that were stationed there, they seemed shaken but professional, I think I saw a couple of military tattoos.

When we were trying to figure it out what the hell happened, the commanding officer received a communication to vacate the hangar and leave us to our own violation, that seemed odd. We keep trying to figure it out while we did some assessment of the situation of the hangar and our racing car, then Sinah and Ixiel came to the hangar, the look on their faces, it screamed guilty all over the place, I inquired them above what happened with Garibaldi that he took our custody.

Ixiel mumbled something about it wasn't his thing to tell, and Sinah was adamant on being stubborn and not telling, I made a threat, honestly I hoped not to have to follow through but I don't make empty threats, it's bad for the reputation. So they ignore me and I did end calling Garibaldi, the short version they got caught lying and couldn't untangled whatever they were tangled. I know for a fact that there are things they couldn't say but I was ready to ask them, in not a politely way when a shooter took a cheap shot on Sinah, it was a sniper, the only building that is higher than our position was the nest of that nasty bird, however shit got really real really soon.

We were surrounded or at least that was what Yves said, around 2 dozen of men, probably heavily armed if what transpired earlier was an indication, moving like commandos, outnumbered outgunned and already injured the situation was bleak to say the least. That never stopped me before, but this time it was more a team effort than dumb luck and good thoughts.

Most of it happened just in a rush of seconds, but I planned to throw a hail mary, using the racing card weapons, Adar backed the play without asking too much, man that man is savage, or already thought his life ended, I was sure I could fly it, but fire while flying and not fire upon our allies, that was just positive thoughts.

Yves and Ixiel showed up what the force users are made of, if I wasn't expecting some kind of shenanigans I would have been surprised but moving massive objects with their mind, turning wounds into scars, that could have me paralyzed in awe, but it wasn't the case, Adar shoot, I kept the racing car stable and everybody made their part, but just a split second before another hit from our weapons would probably do more harm than good, Adar stood up and try to make an speech so our attackers surrender, it was moving, it was heartfell, but something else, it was inspired, I felt it, not the same, but similar, like long ago Bastila Shan did on Rakata Prime, there was a sense of belonging a warmth that was barely perceptive, a connection that touched Adar from afar, something that brought the very best of him in that exact moment to complete the task, I looked around and I couldn't see where it origined but I knew it was from Ixiel.

I remembered that feeling and I had to ask him, but not now, not with everything that was happening, as around 30 men surrender in that very moment and we have to plan what to do next.

As always, remember this is my character PoV and it's never intended to be a recollection of facts, I guess the true is in the eye of the beholder. Plus FLYING BANTHAS!

Pilot's Log, Episode 1
The Story so far.

<u>Day 1</u>

The Gathering.


It's been way too long since my last recording, but some interesting developments happened since I've arrived to Bespin. The new gig wasn't what I expected, first of all it wasn't a crew hiring me, it was some respectable business man, and he was hiring all the crew. First red flag.

The second red flag was even before the meeting started, our contact was being 'protected' by mercenaries, from a brutal gang, without knowing each other and with no real clear plan that meeting was a bust, mayhem and chaos in the market of Bespin, one of the crew to be draw a light sabre, third red flag, even if we got to have the meeting in private my head was just a couple minutes before when we were just an instant short of turning the market in a butchery, that didn't sit right with me, and of course there is a given that there will be some kind of retaliation by the gang.

The gig was a heist, the business man gave us the target and promise some back-up, the fourth red flag was just there, the time frame was little to none, no actual plan, no actual crew, and a double target, the Pink Panther and the money it worth, talking about high risk high reward scenario, didn't smell right, my gut tells me to ditch town and let the man find another pilot.

Why didn't I do that? The honest answer is that I don't know, maybe I want to see it through or the prospect of just flying around without an actual ship and a real crew finally got me, finally this honorable man did seems to know us a lot, but soon I did realized that he only knew what it was told to him and he wasn't expecting one of his Jedi to be more like an angry teenager, maybe that was the actual thing that keep me there, Arcann seemed to at least hear me, maybe I could help him.

The Crew


The Crew it's a mix of people from all around the galaxy, took me a while to fully understand who is who, and what it is in for each one of them. I like these guys, but certainly wouldn't be my first choice for the task at hand, we might pull it off against the odds, something later in that day gave me hope.

Sinah is a Cathar, from a noble family and her social station is alike of a Diplomat, she has family and seems to have the heart in the right place. I don't think she should be part of this, too good for this life, sometimes I found her naiveness baffling although refreshing, maybe a new breed of politicians is in the making there. She really hates mandalorians and that anger is really showing, I hope she can look past that anger, no good politician shows that kind of emotion.

Ives is well some blue skinned Alien, she doesn't seem to know much of her origin, and I keep myself away from it, what I know is that this towering woman fought on the Mandalorian wars, she must have saw some really dark shit in her time, wars have a way to change people usually for the worst, on top of that she is a Jedi. She has some interesting vulnerabilities, maybe the war didn't harden her that much.

Ixiel is Arcann's brother, he seems really young, not only his baby face, sometimes when he speaks I hear the unsoiled ideals of the young that still thinks the galaxy can be a better place. Intersting enough paired with that there is wisdom in his words, probably result of his Jedi upspring. We are not going to be in the same page most of the time, I need to remind myself not to be the one that corrupts him, he doesn't need my cynical view leaking into him.

Adar is a Codru-Ji, a kindred spirit in a way, he served too, long enough to obvious in his body language and his behavior. He reminds me of a lot of friends that I left behind, even if he is more serious and focused than I will ever be. I'm not sure why he left the army, not that I'll ask, he seems to hold some code of honor so he is far from the mercenary I thought he was. Even if he is not the most fun guy to have around, it's actually nice to have him at my side.

Arcann is a puzzle, a difficult one too, he claims not to be a Jedi, but as far as I know he checks most of the boxes for being one. Well except that he is eager to turn things aggressive even without drawing a weapon, he speech is violent and quick to put things into black or white. Behind his mask, figuratively and literally I think there is a hurt boy that needs to make peace with the galaxy to start growing up.

And that's the crew, none of them seems like a thief or versed in the way of the scum and villainy we are meddling with.

The Fallout


We discussed long our motivations, the possible plans, and what can go wrong, but that is long a boring, we are going to review those while we are doing it. The first thing we need to do is win the 500 miles of Bespin to be invited to the Gala where the Pink Panther will be auctioned, easier said than done.

But none of this was going to be our priority when we heard that there is a bounty on Arcann placed by the husband of our contact, the daughter of our employer, and the Winguard was asking question too, searching for Arcann and an unnamed shooter.  We did our best to keep things quiet and Arcann hide himself in the lower Bespin, however he got made by some mercenaries. We did work together to give him an exit, and while doing so Sinah stood up to a Mandalorian mercenary, making him speechless for a while, the armored fella looked tiny for a moment, and his friends where delayed enough to let Arcann slip them.

After then Arcann asked for a surgery that will help him to hide his identity loosing the mask and giving him a less spooky visage. He seemed authentically concerned about not his own well being but the rest of us. We got some money from our employeer and a contact with a local chop shop that had a surgeon for that. He is out then until the Gala, heavily drugged, and he seems to have some kind of brain injury during surgery, I hope he gets well.

But before Arcann got himself made there was a thing that I was made aware later, our employer decided it was good idea to act cut loose both Arcann and Ixiel, threatening their lives even. They got out of that situation but that made me really angry, not that double crossing was something unexpected from him, but right now is on the table.

Last Call


We did some more planing and even arrange our schedule for tomorrow, after some more work on our racing pod. Sinah and Ivez went to their lodgings, me and the guys went to the Pilot's Rest to figure it out if we could get some more info on the teams and pilots we are against. Long story short, we meet a fellow veteran that runs the business, he seems like a straight fella he helped us pointing in the direction of a bookie and a mechanic. The engineer is a piece of work, the old man was everything you can expect from a sociopath hermit, he even throw the beer at Ixiel, to be honest he did it to me too, but I was baiting it, antagonizing him for the sake of doing it. After a second round with Ixiel he accepted to help with some conditions, we can figure it out that.

And that's how our day ended, one of the longest days I've ever lived.

Session 2
What do we do with the Gem?

A section for us to write up what happened in Session 2, from our character's point of view, remember: each of us who does so gets a Force Point, if we all do it, we all get a Destiny point! wink

Session 1
Never tell me the odds

The idea is that here you can write the sessions logs, add information, pictures whatever you like.


Story So Far
It is a time of chaos


We are going to start playing in the year 32140 Republic Reckoning (32140 RR; or more or less, the 3640 BBY Before the Batle of Yavin).

Some things to have into consideration about this period of time on The Republic:

The Galactic Republic was the ruling government of the galaxy that existed for more than 25 thousand years, until the establishment of the first Galactic Empire in 19 BBY. Throughout its existence, the state was commonly known as the Republic. In the post-Republic era and beyond, it was remembered as the Old Republic; it was also rarely known as the Old Galactic Republic or First Galactic Republic. At times, the term Old Order was used to describe the Republic.

The Galactic Republic was a representative democracy, composed of various star systemssectors and member worlds throughout most of the known galaxy. Its central government consisted of three branches: legislative, executive and judicial. The first was the Galactic Senate, a body of elected or appointed representatives. Its main duties included mediating disputes over issues ranging from planetary to galactic-scale, regulating trade routes between star systems, and in theory, represented the interests of Republic citizens. The Office of the Supreme Chancellor was the Senate's executive counterpart. The Supreme Chancellor was elected from the ranks of the Senate by its members. As the leader of the Senate and the overall representative of the Republic, the Chancellor also held the titles Head of State and President. The judicial branch consisted of the Supreme Court and the lower Regional Courts. The Supreme Court was composed of twelve justices or Justicars, one of whom held the leadership position of Chief Justice.

Throughout most of its history as the dominant galactic power, the Republic did not style itself as a strong centralized government, but rather as a union of sovereign planets for the purposes of collective security and economic prosperity. It was said that its complete history could "fill a thousand libraries." 

<u>At the year we start the Campaign</u>, The Republic doesn't have a Supreme Chancellor. After the last Chancellor resignation (Tegra Vastru), the Senate has not been able to elect someone to take the office. The reason behind that is related to the fact that some systems are threatening to leave The Republic; for that reason some Senators are not willing to call for an election before all systems that will have a vote, sign a compromise that they will remain members of the republic for at least fifty more years. If that wasn't enough, other members of the Senate has proposed that there could be no election, until all Senate members are fully investigated against charges of corruption. Surprisingly, the motion passed and until now twelve Senators were judged, and none have been found innocent. Even the leader of the investigative proposal was put into jail. To sum up, as no agreement has been reached so far the discussion continues and The Republic is stagnated.

Among one of the last decisions the Senate reached, where the Jedi Special Comities, or more commonly known as The Jedi Trials or the Patriot Law; in witch the few remaining Jedi (not only fully members, but also some that were "accused" to be a Jedi) needed to turn over to Republic officials for investigation, as all of them are suspects of terrorist activity against The Republic. Some rumor that this law is just the beginning of a much restrictive campaign against Force Users, as many on the republic (some Senators as well) fear that all religious communities that believe in The Force has the potential of becoming religious extremists capable of terrorist acts. This Law was a big political drawback against Supreme Chancellor Tegra Vastru who, been a strong Jedi Supporter, resigned after The Patriot Law was approved. 

As neither the Executive or the Legislative branches were in condition of ruling The Republic, the Judicial Branch is the one in charge; thanks to a clause of the 12th Amendment of the Constitution of The Republic, which states that in the case of an emergency in witch the Senate can't call for a vote for Chancellor, the Justicars become the head of the Executive branch, ruling by decree and administrative orders until a Chancellor is elected.

The fist act of the Justicars, were to declare a state of emergency in The Republic to reunite resources and assemble a task force to help the systems that were more severely damaged during the last conflicts. The Army of The Republic was called to help; they were invested with the responsibility to coordinate and help relocate refugees in some systems (most of the Separatist systems didn't want to receive refugees in they're borders), the Engineers Corps started to help in the reconstruction of some cities and the Navy started to patrol the borders to reduce piracy that was on the rise.

Its important to notice that at this point, the Army of The Republic, is a heavily trained highly experienced group, composed mainly of seasoned veterans for the last fifty years conflicts. They have high morale and count with the trust of the people. 

Away from the spotlight the Justicars also investigate the Army, and some officials were found guilty on a court martial but most of the trials were dealt in secrecy in order to avoid damaging the Army's reputation.

What did hit the spotlight in the media, adding more complexity to the situation; was the Justicars intervention on the Senate, putting into jail more than a dozen Senators, with charges that ranged from abuse of power/influence, corruption and high-treason.

The Justicars also started an intervention on The Jedi Order to clarify the events in which some of its mos distinguished members, turned against The Republic, in the last fifty years (Freedom Nad; Exar Kun; Ulic Qel-Droma; Alec Resh also known as Darth Malak and Revan).

One of the Last Justicars decree (goes into effect this week) states that all Jedi prisoners, found innocent of terrorist charges must be released. Before this, they were held in a Guantanamo like prison, regardless of the verdict. Some rumors say that most prisoners never got a trial. All the released prisoners will be placed on a Republic Protection Program for they're own safety, as there have been several assassination attempts (most of them successful), against citizens connected to The Jedi Order. It is unknown who is behind this, so far it is known that someone is hiring Bounthy hunters in the far reaches of The Republic near the Outer Realms, to pursue this enterprise. All Jedi Temples must be closed and protected from pillage by The Republic Military Police, and all Jedi artifacts must be placed under the Army supervision. It is against the Republic Law to sell Jedi artifacts and its considerate contraband to transport them. It is also against the law to keep a Jedi Artifiact, all items suspected to be Jedi treasures must be delivered to the Army of The Republic for inspection.

As The Pink Panther is a rumored Jedi treasure, his actual owner wants to get rid of it while he still can get a profit, and what a better place to do that than on Bespin, outside The Republic borders…


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