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The Old Republic.


For over a thousand generations, The Jedi Order 
was the guardian of peace and justice in The Old Republic.

But The Order ceased to be; now only a few 
scattered Jedi remain after the
Jedi Civil War

 and the Jedi Purge of Darth Nihilus
Amid the turmoil, a shadow starts to spread 
across the galaxy…

The Republic is starting to crumble!!! 
After the assassination of
Supreme Chancellor Sidrona

on the Senate Hall, byt he hand of former Jedi Knight Exar Kun
added with The
Cathar Holocaust and the destruction of Malachor V

several worlds started to discuss in the Senate, the process 
of leaving The Republic, to form a stronger les bureaucratic coalition. 

And so, the Cold Separatist War Begins….




Its origin and history shrouded in legend,

The Pink Panther is one otf the Largest

and most beautiful Halm Gems in all the galaxy.

By luck or by fate,

a group of enterprising individuals has the chance of a life time

to steal the precious gem from its current owner in the plantet Bespin.

Their contact, a canny Pantoran by the name of Joaris Wildshen,

has arranged a meeting at their ship, in a landing bay,

in the shady port of the Cloud City

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Star Wars - The Old Republic

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